This project makes beautiful bows and you can use a wide range of materials; foam, felt, glitter fabric, soft plastic - anything you can cut and bend!
Make them large or small - it's up to you! They make for great gifts also!
1 - You will need: Glue, barrette and fabric of some sort or anything else that will bend and cut well, I used glitter fabric and felt.
2 - Make your design in Sign cut draw.
3 - Open your design in SignCut and set all the mesaurments.
4 - Cut your design.
5 - Make sure you have all the pieces in the same size and glue the bow and let it dry before you glue layer two and layer three.
6 - When the bow is done and dry you glue it to the barrette, let dry again.
7 - Done!
Let creativity flow! / Cecilia