Make rings!
This is a project with one of my favorite materials; SnapPap!
It's so fun to be able to make your own accesories, you can choice the color and the design and make any kind of ring you want! SnapPap is durable and you can eaven wash your hands with the rings still on! (the glue you use have to be able to stand water).
1 - You will need: SnapPap and glue!
2 - Make your design in Sign cut draw.
3 - Open your design in SignCut and set all the mesaurments.
4 - Cut your design.
5 - Weed the excess pieces from the cut out design.
6 - Mesure the ring around your finger.
7 - Glue and hold til dry.
8 - You are done!
Let creativity flow! / Cecilia